The Adventurers' Guild

The Adventurer’s Guild is the foremost authority in employing starry-eyed or hard-boiled adventures, dispatching them into the world to solve the many problems and earn their place in history.

Ever since the great rending which rose the floating eyesore at the southern pole, apertures yawned from the crust of the planet, attracting the brace and scattering the fearful. Down, down to the vile depths, delvers faced monsters improbable for their region, and obvious craftsmanship with no logical reason or rhyme. Thorough experimentation reached the conclusion that these “dungeons” are abandoned memories of the planet, reaching far into the past to produce treasure and riches owned by the first to find them. These “dungeons” spur on the adventurer economy as they crop up with no pattern, and disappear as mysteriously.

How it all works

In the Guild, there are seven ranks – based on someone’s level – that designate which missions an adventurer or group of adventurers are privy to.

F: 1-2
E: 3-5
D: 6-8
C: 9-11
B: 12-14
A: 15-17
S: 18-20

When a party goes on a mission, they are taxed 10% of their loot upon return.

The Adventurers' Guild

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