A Year & A Day

The Standing Stone of Fellen Glen

Adventurers' Guild Report

F-Class Adventurers Morty Nebel, Bug Bauer, and Aster of the Edged Palm traveled to the remote clifftop village of Fellen Glen at the behest of an old tattered mission request. Every generation (roughly 14 years) the village of Fellen Glen engages in a ritual for a a nature spirit housed in a local forest; according to the request, crops were failing and drastic measures required if the village were to survive.

The party arrived during the Eve Festival, where much merrymaking occurred with bountiful food and wine. Bug investigated the darkened forest down the hill, while Aster and Morty questioned the townfolk. According to oral tradition, the ritual goes back centuries, since before the time of the Anti-Crusade; it involves a male and a female (the “monarch” and his “consort”, respectively) to consummate their marriage in the presence of the menhir, the Standing Stone of the guardian spirit of the nearby forest, as a rite of fertility to nourish the land and crops. Morty found out from the miller’s daughter that the ritual changed since decades after the Anti-Crusade. Aster discovered that the current ritual did not yet have a monarch and consort. Bug’s investigation revealed that the menhir was, in fact, dormant.

During the night, after the festival, Bug set up a remote listening device using the belltower to follow clues he found of a large, invisible creature. In the morning, the party was accosted by what they reasoned was a large, invisible toad, which they followed to the forest outside of Fellen Glen. Since it was a revered place to the villagers, it was cordoned off in preparation of the ritual, so the group sneaked in and presented Aster and Bug as the consort and monarch, respectively. During the preparations for the ritual, the party learned that the ritual it once required the sacrifice of a villager, one aged and near end of life, to represent rebirth after death, but changed after the Anti-Crusade; additionally, previous couples of the ritual developed uncontrolled psychic powers.

After sundown and moonrise, Aster & Bug initiated the ritual, with Morty hiding in the trees to ambush the giant invisible frog. Through teamwork and perseverance they vanquished the giant fae toad and discovered a weakened nature spirit still tied to the menhir. With the uncouth fae toad killed and a participant from a past ritual taking on guardianship of the forest spirit, a new pact was formed with the village for good crops.



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